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Principal's Message

Viking word  Courtney Anderson K-5 Elementary PrincipalViking Word
Dr. Courtney Anderson
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724-478-6000 x5001
I would like to welcome you to the Apollo-Ridge Elementary School.  Our elementary school is home to roughly 500 curious and kind students in grades Pre K-5th.  Smiling faces and engaged minds fill the classrooms and hallways of our school.  The staff at Apollo-Ridge Elementary School believes in providing a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment for all the students.  As the principal of the school, I look for ways to provide unique learning opportunities for our students.  The creative scheduling that we have in place at Apollo-Ridge Elementary allows for explorations in science, social studies, language arts, and math.  We are proud to provide art, music, library, computer, and gym classes weekly for our students.  Our mission is to "inspire growth and prepare futures."  Our interactions with our students sets the foundation for the love of learning and the desire to explore all career opportunities.  We believe in strong parent-home communications.  It is a team effort to provide the support that our students need to reach their fullest potential and become "Viking Strong" as they learn and grow under our supervision.  We are proud of the education that we provide at Apollo-Ridge Elementary School and we welcome you to our family.