This link will take staff to the PowerSchool login page.
This site will take teachers to the login site for PowerTeacher, their online grade book.
This site takes you to the main page of the PA Department of Education.
This is the login in site for the annual PSSA training District Assessment Coordinators, School Assessment Coordinators, Test Administrators, and Proctors must complete in order to participate in the PSSA's.
This site will take you to the official PDE website housing information regarding the annual state assessment - the PSSA's,
This site will take you to the Act 48 Professional Education Record Management System (PERMS). It will allow you to view how many Continuing Education Credits you have earned.
Remember you will need to know your Professional Personnel ID or PPID
Staff members will use this site for instant online access to our District Safety Plan procedures. Teachers will also be able to use this site to account for their students in case of an emergency.
Use this site to learn all of the Microsoft Office 365 features and capabilities.
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