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School Calendar Reminder Below!

June 11th (Friday) LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – early dismissal for students is at 12:25. Parents picking up students should arrive at approximately 12:40, after busses leave. Breakfast will NOT be served, but brunch will be available to all students.

Busses will arrive home approximately 3 hrs early on June 11th

Winter Break

The winter break for students starts on December 24, 2020. Students return to virtual learning again on January 4, 2021.

December 7, 2020 School Board Meeing

At the Board meeting last night, it was decided that a potential return to face to face instruction could happen earlier than originally proposed. We could return January 11, 2021. Things are still very fluid and much could happen between then and now. Click the headline to see the letter composed by Superintendent Dr. Curci explaining this in more detail.

Remote Learning To Take Effect November 23, 2020

At the ARSD Board Meeting on November 16, 2020, the Board voted to move the elementary school into remote learning starting on November 23, 2020. The attached documents will be sent home with elementary students on November 18, 2020. Due to the shift in remote learning, class rosters may be modified to better support our students. If your child's class has changed, you will be notified.

School Picture Make-Up Day!

We have scheduled a picture makeup or retake day with LifeTouch for Tuesday, February 2nd. They will only be here for a couple hours in the morning. Full time cyber students should plan to arrive between 10:00 and 10:30.

Important COVID-19 Update for the ARES

Please see the attached letter from Dr. Curci concerning a confirmed positive case in the elementary. A phone call has gone out to all families and administration have begun contacting those families who have been in close contact with case. We are working with the Department of Health and will update our families with any new information, if necessary.

My Child Woke Up Sick, Now What?

Now that we have had about a week of face-to-face learning under out belts, I wanted to clarify how we will be using the virtual school option!
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