Grade Level Meetings

Each grade level met with Dr. Anderson to go over expectations on the bus, cafeteria, recess, and in our classrooms.  Here are some of the highlights!
  • Our theme this year is "I put the I in Kindness!"  We can be kind by smiling, saying hello, using manners, including others in our play at recess, and giving each other compliments!
  • Bus behaviors were reviewed.  The biggest thing that students need to remember is that they have to have behavior that keeps them and the bus safe.  Staying seated, keeping their hands to themselves, and listening to the driver is very important.
  • Lunch behaviors were reviewed.  Students need to stay in their assigned seats, raise their hands for help, and never share food with each other.
  • Recess behaviors were reviewed.  Students need to keep their hands to themselves and show sportsmanship.  Sometimes we get too competitive during recess games.  
  • Cell phones were discussed. If they have them for safety reasons, that is understandable, but they do need to keep them off and in their bookbag at all times.  They should never use their phones to take pictures or videos on the bus or in the school building.
  • Finally, we talked about using kind words.  If we don't know what a word means, we should not say it.  We should never say words that make fun of how somebody looks, thinks, etc.  We should never talk about hurting others or make threats.  We don't all need to be best friends, but we do all need to be kind.  We are in control of what we say.
We are hopeful for a great school year!  Now that we are all back together after summer break, we needed to be reminded that school rules and home rules are different.  What we are allowed to do at home is one thing, but when we are at school, we need to be aware of our behavior so that everyone can have a positive, successful school year!