Remote Learning Day Plan for the Elementary

Today, your child brought home a large envelope labeled A-R Elementary Snow Day Packet.  Please place this envelope in a safe spot should we need to call a remote learning day this school year.  Our current school calendar has 4 snow make up days built into the school year.  Snow Make Up Day #1-February 21, 2022, Snow Make Up Day #2-March 21, 2022, Snow Make Up Day #3-March 18, 2022, and Snow Make Up Day #4 is May 27, 2022.  With the snow day that was called on January 18, 2022, we will be using snow make up day #1 and school will be in session on February 21, 2022.
If three more snow days are needed, we will be using the three snow days that are left in the school calendar.  If we would need to call more snow days, beyond the remaining days, that is when we will use the work that has been sent home in the Snow Day Packet.  We might not need this work at all!  We just don't know what weather or emergency could pop up during the school year.  
If we would need to call a remote learning day, our phone call home would refer to students completing the work in the snow packet.  Students can complete this work at their own pace, on the remote learning day.  Students MUST return a completed packet the next day so as not to be marked absent for the remote learning day.  If winter is really bad and we need additional remote days, we will send more packets home with our students.  Fingers crossed the the designated snow days in the calendar will be all that we need this year!
Should any family need two packets to keep at two different homes, please notify your child's teacher and a second can be sent home!