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Apollo-Ridge Elementary School Home of the Vikings

Winter Break

I would like to wish all of our ARES families a peaceful, healthy, and safe holiday break.  I can't express how much I appreciate all of your cooperation, patience, and understanding during this school year.  We have been working each day to make things smoother and easier to navigate for our students and families.  The staff has been working very hard to make contact with families with regards to missing assignments, progress reports, low grades, etc. We recognize that everyone is still learning and things may have been missed.  We are here to help and redirect.  Please check in with your child's teachers.  Log into your child's Team and check their chats.  Many teaches have tagged students specifically to let them know things are missing.  There are even channels that have been created by some teachers that clearly say missing work so that you can easily find the missing assignments.  Some of these details will be finalized and posted before we leave for break so that families can use the holiday break to make up any missing work.  I will be available over the holiday break to answer chat questions and emails, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me during this time. I can help navigate Teams, but won't always know the answer to what assignments are actually missing.  That is something you will need to chat with teachers before we leave for break.  We are here to help our students turn this nine weeks around.  It is not too late!